Frequently asked questions

1. How are you funded?

The Kusasa Project is funded by international and local businesses, individuals, friends, schools and visitors who have taken an interest in the work we do or who have been touched by the children they have met.

2. Can we visit The Kusasa Project?

Each year we hold an open day for prospective parents and learners. Kindly contact the receptionist for more information. Other visitors who are interested in coming to visit the school are asked to email their requests to

3. What time is the Early Learning Centre open?

We are open from 08h00 – 14h00 on Mondays to Fridays. We are closed during school holidays and public holidays.

4. How many people work at The Kusasa Project?

1 principal/teacher, 7 teachers, 5 assistant teachers, 1 operations manager, 1 programme coordinator, 1 auxiliary social worker/driver and 3 other support staff.

5. Are there any vacancies at The Kusasa Project?

There are currently no vacancies.

6. Can I volunteer at The Kusasa Project?

Since we have a full complement of staff working full time at The Kusasa Project, we have found that we do not need additional help from volunteers. We do allow some student teachers from Stellenbosch University to do their practical training at our school.

7. When/where can I get an application form for The Kusasa Project Early Learning Centre?

Our applications are open to all members of the community from 20 April to 11 August 2017 for children age 4-10.
Application forms may be collected from the school receptionist or downloaded here .

8. What is the application process?

Step 1: Information meeting
Step 2: Fun day for learners during which your child will be observed
Step 3: Parent interview
Step 4: Testing of learner
Step 5: Feedback about application. This step may happen earlier in the process.