The children we serve

The communities of the Cape Winelands include Xhosa and Afrikaans-speaking coloured people who usually work on the farms, in the hospitality industry, or infrastructure projects in the area. The economic history of the area, entwined with the Apartheid era injustices has left a populace beset by the vagaries of poverty, crime, alcoholism, abuse, illiteracy, poor nutrition and broken families. The children in the communities bear the brunt of the social and educational problems of the region. Sub-standard housing, poor infrastructure and sanitation, and lack of adequate resources for recreation or extra-curricular activities means these children not only suffer from the harshness of the immediate environment but also have few options to climb out of the cycle of despair.

It is these children whom we serve – from the earliest foundation phase stage through to secondary and tertiary education via our three core programmes: The Kusasa Project Early Learning Centre, The Breakfast Club and Feeding Scheme, and our Scholars’ Programme.