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Cape Town Cycle Tour 2024

How to get involved


After an eventful crowdfunding campaign with the Cape Town Cycle Tour earlier this year, The Kusasa Project would like to invite you to ride for us in 2024! Join us on Sunday 10 March 2024 for the biggest timed bike race in the world, where you can ride for a purpose. You can choose between 42km and 109km, and all proceeds from your campaign will be used to benefit our 150 deserving Kusasa-kids.

Marie-Louise Raymond, principal of The Kusasa Academy, says: “When completing the Cape Town Cycle Tour, it will be a significant personal achievement, but when you do it for The Kusasa Academy, it gives you a sense of accomplishment in knowing that you are not only pushing your own limits, but you are making a positive impact on children who deserve it most”.
Once you have entered the race, visit [web page shortlink here when published] to sign up and start your very own crowdfunding campaign with Givengain. By spreading the word that you are riding for a purpose, you raise awareness and crucial funding for The Kusasa Project.

The Kusasa Project, the parent organisation of our school, The Kusasa Academy, is dedicated to raising a whopping R6+ million per year for it to remain operational. We are 100% independent and rely solely on the donations of our generous donors.
For more information send an email to johane@thekusasaproject.org


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