Learners who have completed Grade 4 at our Early Learning Centre

Traditionally, a preparatory (“prep”) school education completes in grade 3 and learners move on to a Senior Primary phase or school. However, due to the enormous educational and emotional jump between grade 3 and grade 4, we decided to extend our “preparatory” model to include grade 4. We want the opportunity right at the start of their Senior Primary schooling to prepare our learners fully with a healthy and positive attitude towards studying, and to further entrench their foundational literacy and mathematical skills. We believe that by age 10 (grade 4), we will have given our learners “wings” to cope well in a bigger school environment.

Once our learners have passed Grade 4, most of them move to Franschhoek Primary/High School to further their education. We do support them for the remainder of their primary school journey (grades 5 to 7) through our Alumni Programme. Their continued well-being and success is important to us!

They always remain part of The Kusasa Project family and attend regular alumni gatherings.

Grade 4 class of 2017

Grade 4 class of 2018

Grade 4 class of 2019

High school learners who have graduated from our Scholars’ Programme

Since 2008, approximately 80 high school learners from Grade 8-12 level have participated in a Scholarship Programme at The Kusasa Project. We enabled talented teenagers to attend fee-paying state schools and provided critical after-school support such as extra tuition, career guidance, mentoring, and social support. Most of these children would not be where they are today had they not received regular mentoring from our staff and volunteers or attended the extra Mathematics, Science and English classes we provided.

We are very interested in their journeys post school – at tertiary institutions and in the workplace.

These are a few of our past scholars’ outstanding accomplishments:
Sesethu Mbotshelwa

Sesethu distinguished herself as a dedicated, hard-working and gifted student. She studied a degree in Financial Accounting (CA Stream Specialisation) and completed a post-graduate diploma in Accounting at the University of Cape Town in 2016. In 2017 she joined the prestigious firm Deloitte as Assistant Auditor. She is now a Senior Audit Trainee (2019).

Athi Ndita

Cum laude B. Tech Tourism Management student Athi Ndita thrived at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, and was offered a scholarship to study in Germany in 2017. Athi is currently doing his Master’s degree, while working part-time and lecturing students. We are exceptionally proud of his achievements and his determination to achieve the goals he sets himself!

Sibuthe Nkonyana

Sibuthe completed a BA Law degree at the University of Rhodes and is now studying a 2-year LLB degree. This very talented student has such a bright future ahead of him. The years he has spent studying far away from his family who live in the informal settlement in Franschhoek have been challenging and he has worked very hard to keep up with the heavy workload at university. Well done Sibuthe – you are truly amazing!

Galicia Hendricks

Another scholar who was top of her grade in 2017, Galicia Hendricks, is studying a B.Com (Gen) at the University of the Western Cape. She has achieved great results thus far, owing to her hard work and passion for the world of business. We look forward to following her journey in the workplace beginning in 2022.

Aphiwe Gxeku

Aphiwe is studying a Teaching degree at the University of the Western Cape. South Africa is in need of more teachers, and we trust that Aphiwe will excel in this profession.

Amanda Kopana

Amanda started studying a Social Work degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 2017 and is loving being a student. It is wonderful to see her embracing her gifts and growing in confidence.

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