“The children we have been privileged to work with at The Kusasa Project have immense, untapped potential and a joy for life which humbles us all. In spite of living with crushing poverty they seek only that we share our time, knowledge and love to give them the skills to reach their potential as valued human beings. To pass through the gates of our school on any day you will be met by a wave of energy and a tangible pulse of happiness as you step into a dynamic learning environment; a school populated by eager students and inspiring teachers. This is the heart of The Kusasa Project and why our team works so hard to never let these kids down.” (Dave Riordan: Co-founder and Trustee)

Challenged to reach their potential

How do the staff at The Kusasa Project Early Learning Centre pursue the mission to help learners reach their potential? They raise the quality of education in the community so as to develop literate, compassionate, respectful, communicative, imaginative, multi-lingual students who are well prepared to make a positive impact in the future. Using a “whole-child” approach, our teachers begin with the understanding that each child deserves to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged to reach their potential.

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