The Kusasa Project receives 100% of its operating budget from private individuals and foundations who value our direct approach, transparent operating model, and long-term track record in helping children in need.

Without them, the work we do would not be possible. Because they care, the lives of incredible children, their families, and their communities benefit.

In this piece, we take a closer look at one such donor’s story – Jos Maassen, an Amsterdam-based entrepreneur.

A Hockey Match In South Africa

After ten years on the same team, Jos and his hockey pals became firm friends for life. And when one of these close friends – Hugo Blaisse – moved to South Africa, the whole team decided it was high time for a reunion and a few games of hockey for old times’ sake!

Hugo with his wife Saskia are now based in Franschhoek and were both – and continue to be – very involved with The Kusasa Project. So, as part of the reunion tour, the hockey team had promised to not only visit the Early Learning Centre, but to take part in a football match against the children as a fun activity – which introduced them all to the great work happening there.

Start of a Day at The Kusasa Project

Jos and the team ventured up to the Kusasa Project early one morning to see the children start their day. They were all immediately uplifted by the singing and dancing the positive energy emanating all around.


There was clearly a lot of love and care taking place. From the teachers to everyone else involved, everyone was smiling and having fun. It was the best experience of the friends’ entire week in the country.

That’s when Jos and the others decided to get involved. All were acutely sensitive to helping in a way that the Project required. It was less a case of donating funds – and more a case of donating their time and expertise in a way that would benefit The Kusasa Project.

Some Marketing Magic Through Storytelling

As a marketer, Jos was quick to offer his agency’s services. After several discussions about what the project needed, it was decided that his company could best support the Kusasa Project by helping to tell their story – both via social media, campaign initiatives, and increasing the project’s visibility and fundraising efforts.

Often marketing for charities works in reverse. They tell stories of suffering. With The Kusasa Project, each story has something positive to focus on – lots of amazing, life-changing work is taking place.

With 15 years experience, the project knows what works and how they can best help the children. Marketing a project like this involves communicating ongoing activity and underlining the difference that’s being made. It’s about ensuring all of the energy and happiness comes across – to inspire others to support Kusasa too.


A Really Special Project

For Jos and his teammates, The Kusasa Project is something really special. It sees the potential in kids and it works to give them a future. It changes the lives of children and their families and he’s really impressed with what the project achieves.

Not only that, but there’s a positive long term impact on the community which is really impressive. The Kusasa Project helps underprivileged, ambitious children to use their potential. Jos and his friends are proud to contribute to the project.

We are enormously grateful to the many donors, volunteers and supporters who have given in various ways to make possible the work of The Kusasa Project. If you’d like to find out more about supporting the The Kusasa Project, take a look at our supporters page.