Starting early with education is crucial: the young brain is like a sponge, soaking up information and retaining it much more easily than when you’re older. When you start early, you have more time to build a strong foundation of knowledge, which will serve as the cornerstone for your future learning.

Recruitment for our new intake of 2023 four-year-old learners began way back in April 2022. After an in-depth 6-month application process, our teachers carefully chose the 26 most deserving students to start their 6-year journey at our school.

Up until now, our new four-year-old learners would then join us at the start of the school year in January. But this year we began involving our youngest intakes in school life 3 months earlier than usual – and it’s given us a huge head start.

We kicked things off from October last year (2022) with a 10-week induction program for the new families and learners. The earlier we build a relationship with the parents and learners, the better we can get to know our new classmates and start the school year with a strong foundation.


This induction program included:
• Workshops for parents and learners on family systems, interactive play, and storytelling
• Activity packs to enhance learning at home
• Parent-teacher observation sessions
• An invitation to our school concert
• Three normal school days for the learners to attend
• One-on-one meetings with the teachers at the end of the program


The success of this program is all about:
• Building trust between parents and teachers
• Making learners feel comfortable in the classroom from day one
• Giving teachers valuable insight into each learner’s unique needs and abilities


We’re thrilled to see the impact this program will have on our learners and teachers throughout the year.

Welcome to The Kusasa Academy family, kids! We can’t wait to see you grow!