One of our long-held dreams has been realised with the completion of our own, fully functioning, state-of-the-art occupational therapy room including all the necessary therapeutic equipment.

Meet Eleanor Burger, the in-house occupational therapist that has joined our team this year to take charge of this new facility:

“I love helping children to simply be content kids enjoying everyday life.”

Eleanor advocates that every child with developmental delays or sensory integration difficulties deserves the opportunity to engage in effective occupational therapy. This will help these children to reach their full potential. Eleanor believes early intervention and support through occupational therapy has a massive effect on the academic and emotional development of children.

”Play is the work of a child and through play they learn about themselves and the world around them.”

A pediatric occupational therapist holistically evaluates and treats a child’s development, including their sensory integration. Sensory integration plays a significant role in the development of gross- and fine- motorskills, school-related tasks, social development, concentration, motivation, emotions and sense of self. Therapy involves play, exposure to sensory experiences and graded activities and tasks.


“This school is a heartwarming, encouraging, gratifying and inspiring working environment.” The joy and excitement from the room is palpable and the learners love to see Eleanor, with her soft demeanor and her interesting ‘toys’. The children can’t wait for their next session!

Eleanor always believed in a holistic team approach. She has found our Early Learning Centre teaching staff to be highly collaborative – which is vital for optimal success. And so Eleanor works closely with the teachers – and holds termly training and feedback sessions – to facilitate an optimal learning environment within their own classrooms and the playground.


The huge advantage of having this on-site facility and an in-house therapist is that children in need of intervention can be identified and assisted early. Assessment and therapy occur during school hours on our premises, without financial constraints and time management challenges for the parents.


Such an impactful and happy addition to our school has only been possible because of generous donors who see the value and who trust the work and vision of our team. If you would like to contribute towards Eleanor’s salary, to ensure the consistency and sustainability of this intervention, please visit and join us in making that difference.