Exploring Our Senses

The Grade 0s had so much fun in the last week of the school year. While teachers are scrambling to get the last bit of admin done and prepare for the new year, the little ones are still stimulated and entertained with sensory play. What a fun idea for home play this holiday!

A Do It Yourself Christmas!

We made gifts and bags for our loved ones, proving that you don’t have to spend money to be kind and thoughtful. We are sure our parents and friends loved our self-made gifts and giftbags.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

Father Christmas visited The Kusasa Project, all thanks to our wonderful friend and donor, Margot Janse. Margot, her team from the Isabelo Feeding Scheme, and, of course, Santa, brought every single learner and member of staff a Christmas gift! Thank you, Margot and team!

Throwing Shade

As the last days of the school year passed, we enjoyed plenty of structured play times. With the heat averaging in the mid-thirty degrees, we opted to find shade and play in the cooler parts of the courtyard.