Getting Our Emotions Healthy and Flowing

Understanding the critical role emotional intelligence plays in both academic and emotional success, The Kusasa Academy has partnered with an esteemed organisation, Brain Tribe, to conduct a week-long workshop for our learners and parents. Brain Tribe specialises in fostering emotional intelligence in children through innovative and engaging methods.

And the Winner is…

The Kusasa Academy had an athletics festival on 16 February at the Franschhoek Community Sports Centre. Almost 176 parents and guardians attended, which is also a massive statement of our parental support for our activities. We had a blue, red, and yellow team, with the blue team walking away with the Spirit trophy and the red team being awarded the champions of the day. Congratulations, Red Team!

Say Cheese!

The Grade 0s spent two weeks in February exploring their bodies and the various functions they perform. We had so much fun and felt really proud of our work.

Scoring a Century

Fridays are sports days at The Kusasa Academy. This month we played various sports, but we especially enjoyed cricket this month. We love learning about new sports and moving our bodies.

Cupcakes for a Cause

We baked cupcakes for a cause called Cupcakes for Cancer. It is incredibly important for us to find joy in contributing to something greater than ourselves. This is how empathy and the true sustainability of social well-being are created.

Love Is In The Air

We celebrated a lovely Valentine’s Day in a bunch of quirky ways and took pictures for our loved ones.