Let’s Talk Maths!

The Stellenbosch University Japan Centre (SUJC), in association with the Embassy of Japan in South Africa, hosted a seminar on Mathematics Education, Innovation and Practice in Varied Context – Insights from Japan and South Africa. Teacher Ilze Meiring represented The Kusasa Academy and spoke about the challenges the education sector faces in terms of teaching mathematics and numeracy to pre-schoolers and primary learners. We are so fortunate to have her expertise at our school. Watch the full presentation here.

Happy Easter!

We took a well-deserved school holiday for our autumn break, but not before having our very own Easter celebration ahead of time!

‘Peas’ of cake!

The Grade 4 learners searched for vegetables and investigated what they found in the Score community garden, adjacent to The Kusasa Academy.

‘Chalk’ about a fun time!

The Grade R’s traced their shadows and made beautiful self-portraits with chalk on the netball courts. An inexpensive and fun way to increase spatial awareness and creativity!

Do the Happy Dance!

It was such a privilege for us to see our learners dance at La Roche, a local venue, for a birthday event. We are so proud of our learners, who will always go the extra mile to showcase the deep connection they have with their school.

Spot the Landmark

The Grade 4’s explored our community’s landmarks and road signs, fostering learning and community pride. And as always, our dedicated learners showed their sense of responsibility by picking up papers on the way back to the school.

Free to Play!

At The Kusasa Academy, we will always advocate for little ones to play as much as possible. Free play helps children develop their language, thinking, and problem-solving abilities, and they learn to get along with others. During free play, a child can try all kinds of things, as the absence of rules offers a world of possibility.