Welcome to Our Wonderful Grandparents

The Kusasa Academy welcomed about 110 grandparents for this year’s Grandparents Day. It proved to be a massive success as we sang, recited poems, and danced for our beloved elderly storytellers. We also ate amaquinya (deep-fried dough filled with curried minced meat) and jelly and custard, all while washing it down with Pepsi. We had so much fun as we bonded picnic style!

Say Cheese!

We had a photo competition. Our teaching staff invited all the parents and guardians of The Kusasa Academy to take and send a picture of them playing with their children. We had loads of fun bonding over sports or art! Every participant received a s’mores-making kit to share with their families, but our overall winner was also awarded a boardgame.

Captain Fanplastic Stopped By

The talented actors at The Jungle Theatre celebrated the Literary Festival with us by giving us a performance. We saw their rendition of Captain Fanplastic, a tale about a pirate ship with a thematic focus on plastic usage, recycling, and climate change. Captain Fanplastic raises environmental literacy amongst youth globally through experiential education, which drives behavioural change in order to connect children more to their environment, prevent plastic pollution, and better manage waste.

The “Tribe” Gathers Again

Our friends from Brain Tribe swung by to give us training about using hand puppets to help children develop emotional intelligence (EI). EI is being aware of your emotions and understanding them, as well as the feelings of others. It’s about managing your emotions, responding effectively to the moods of others, and creating positive relationships. Values held dearly by the Kusasa Academy.

A Sockin’ Good Time

A special thank you goes out to the friendly folks from the sock company, Sexy Socks, for bringing each of us a pair of stylish and warm socks just in time for winter!

Warm Up for Our Winter Sports

Our preschoolers were introduced to our exciting winter sports! The girls can’t wait to learn more about the fast-paced skills of netball, and the boys all hope to be the next best strategic footballer!

Safety First!

A big thank you to Stellenbosch Municipality for the fun day our preschool learners had to celebrate the start of Child Protection Week!

Thank you, Mom!

The entire Kusasa Academy prepared to celebrate Mother’s Day 2024 with handmade gifts to our loving moms. We hope every mother in the Franschhoek Valley felt appreciated on this year’s Mother’s Day. You are loved and appreciated.