Hear Hear!

Tamara van Zyl, an audiologist in Paarl, paid us a visit on 28 November. Out of sheer commitment, Tamara has been walking a path with The Kusasa Project for many years and has identified multiple little ones in need of hearing aids and therapy. We are so grateful to have her by our side.

Building Bonds With Neighbours

Building strong bonds with our neighbours, Franschhoek High School,
is crucial for the sustainability of The Kusasa Project. As with all our Grade 4 graduates, the class of 2023 will join them in January as they continue their education journey.

Fun After Clean-Up

The Grade 1s went for a walk through the community, picking up and disposing of litter. This is a valuable lesson to teach all children to raise awareness about the dangers of pollution and why keeping your community clean is important. After a long stroll, we took a well-deserved break at the play park.

International Children’s Day!

On Monday, 20 Nov 2023, we celebrated International Children’s Day with Score, an international non-profit organisation specialising in community development through sport and recreation. We played fun, interactive games with balloons, had our faces painted, and danced throughout the day.

Preparing The Little Sunbeams

Our orientation period with our eager, brand new Grade 0’s and their parents came to an end this November. Teachers and parents alike are excited to kick off 2024 with our newest class. We look forward to having you, little ones!

Letting Loose

Teacher Mariska, a skilled educator, engages with her learners, creating a vibrant atmosphere in the occupational therapy room. Laughter and learning intertwine as they explore activities designed to enhance skills and foster a supportive educational environment.

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