It’s Bok ‘Braai’-day

With the upcoming Rugby World Cup final match, parents were invited to braai boerewors rolls for the Kusasa-kids on Friday 27 October. Given the big match between the Springboks and the All Blacks on Saturday 28 October, we aimed to create ‘gees’, an Afrikaans word that, in context, means hype and excitement, for the match. Go bokke!

Back to School!

After a well-deserved Spring break, the Kusasa kids and staff are back in action. Term 4 kicked off on a positive note on 10 October, and life was blown back into the school with children laughing and the voices of teachers echoing from classrooms. Principal Marie-Louise Raymond wrote this lovely poem to inspire and thank the teachers:

In the halls of Kusasa Academy, so bright,
Where knowledge blooms, like stars in the night,
A group of teachers, strong and true,
Embarking on their last term, renew.

After a short break, you’re back in stride,
With passion and purpose as your guide,
You’ve nurtured minds, like seeds you’ve sown,
In the hearts of students, wisdom has grown.

Through every challenge, you’ve stood tall,
Breaking down barriers, conquering all,
Your dedication shines like the morning sun,
In the lives you touch, one by one.

With patience, kindness, and grace you teach,
Empowering minds to aim and reach,
The final term, it may draw near,
But your impact will last, crystal clear.

Each lesson shared, a gift bestowed,
In every smile, your love has showed,
You’ve shaped the future, bright and bold,
With hearts of teachers, made of gold.

So, as you journey this last term’s way,
Know that your efforts light up each day,
You’re champions of knowledge, strong and wise,
At Kusasa Academy, you’re our greatest prize.

Keep shining brightly, in all you do,
For the world is brighter, thanks to you,
This last term’s journey, let it be,
A testament to your legacy.

For in the classroom, and beyond the gate,
You inspire greatness, it’s your fate,
To the female teachers of Kusasa, we say,
Thank you for lighting the learning way!


As we prepare ourselves to bid farewell to our wonderful Grade 4’s, we prepare for a new flock of Grade 0’s. Before the new year starts, we work intensively with new parents and carers to prepare them for the Kusasa way of life coming next year. We are so excited to welcome the new little ones in January.

Virtual Possibilities

It was an exhilarating day of virtual reality education as we embarked on a thrilling space tour via roller-coaster simulation. At the Kusasa Project, we emphasise the importance of education in technological advancements, but who said it couldn’t be coupled with a little bit of fun? Our learners loved every moment of it!

Squashing Litter Bugs

As we took a scenic walk to our friends at Franschhoek High School, we picked up litter along the way. Here, we believe in instilling pride in our community. With a song in their hearts and smiling all the way, our eco-fighters worked together to care for their environment.

Teething Pains

It is not a secret that every learner brushes their teeth after having breakfast at The Kusasa Academy. Dental health is important to us, and while posters of dental health decorate our lavatories, we conducted a practical experiment to show our Kusasa-kids how important it really is to take care of one’s teeth. We used blue dye to reveal plaque on our teeth!