The Kusasa Project is woven into the fabric of the surrounding communities. Since 2012, we have seen 266 children enrol at The Kusasa Academy, where we provide fully accredited, independent top-tier education and early childhood intervention. To keep one student in class costs around R45 000 per year (as at 2024). This includes salaries, specialised interventions, meals, educational materials, computers and IT infrastructure,  general maintenance and much more. 

Furthermore, The Kusasa Project takes on major responsibilities in terms of socio-economic issues in the community. Last year, 31 families were supported by professional social workers, while a further 126 families received medical support, all funded by The Kusasa Project. For so many children and their families, The Kusasa Academy is much more than a school. It is a source of strength, hope and upliftment. 

With all the added benefits The Kusasa Project provides to our communities, costs do add up and we are very much reliant on frequent, recurring donations and fundraising initiatives. Doug Gurr, co-founder and trustee of The Kusasa Project, is passionate about maintaining our standard of excellence.

“What we’ve tried to achieve here is the highest level of education, with modern technology, fantastic resources and nutrition that epitomises the very best.” He added that school management and trustees want the children to be comfortable with this level of distinction in everything we do. Excellence breeds excellence.

“We believe our children deserve the very best that we’re able to offer. We all know that education can change futures and that’s what we’re set on doing here”. Doug adds that people can be a part of this journey through their meaningful support of The Kusasa Project.

Doug also explained The Kusasa Project has grown to a highly advanced level, which must be managed along sustainable business-like principles. “We will never be overfunded because we want to be able to budget and plan. All of this positively increases the impact on the children and the quality of the education we deliver. South Africa is a high inflationary area, so we always have to plan for increases in our costs every year, and over the six year period that children are with us, that can be substantial”. 

He added a widely held belief that The Kusasa Project can be a model for success that can be replicated in other areas. “We are setting a good example and we are raising the bar for everyone,” he added. Doug firmly believes that The Kusasa Project is contributing to greater societal prosperity and thriving individuals.

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