Our SCHOOL has a new name and logo!

Our school started in 2012 as a small group of very young children in a local church hall: our first Grade 0 class. The name “Early Learning Centre” (ELC) suited the initial years of our school’s establishment, with our focus on the best education from as young as possible.

The school has since grown from strength-to-strength, getting bigger, better and more effective each year. Over 11 busy years the ELC has developed into a fully-fledged educational institution, offering six years of schooling from grade 0 to grade 4 and so much more than just a normal school. Our excellence is evident in a number areas:

•  Academic excellence – with a cutting-edge curriculum in English, top-notch teaching facilities, the best equipment and teaching methods around
•  Top staff – our school has the most dedicated, professional teachers you will find anywhere. They are constantly innovating and retraining themselves to be better and better at what they do.
•  Holistic care & support – we don’t just teach school lessons:

    • We provide nutritious meals and medical, dental, ear & eye support to all our learners. Our environment is a calm, safe, motivational space for the children.
    • We support special learner needs – offering inhouse occupational therapy and social work, and a myriad of other support mechanisms.

•  Parent support – we work WITH parents/guardians to grow their children – through parent workshops, parent volunteer hours and a generally high level of parent involvement.

And so much more! Along with the help of numerous loyal donors, our school has become an extraordinary place of special training and learning.

That’s why we have decided to give the ELC a better name that better reflects who we now are:
“The Kusasa Academy” is born!

The Kusasa Academy is a program operated by The Kusasa Project Trust: our governance structure, trustees, staff and supporters remain unchanged and as committed as ever to “Education for a Brighter Future” for the children of our community!

It’s all about the kids, as always!