Alliteration For The Nation

The Grade 3 learners dove into Afrikaans sounds with interactive games and text analysis. We started with pairs outlining the text of the sounds on each other’s hands and guessing what it was. This way, we make learning fun and engaging before getting in front of our workbooks!

Drops Of Jupiter

In pairs, the Grade 2’s embarked on an audio journey through space, recording different facts about the final frontier. They were tasked with listening to an informative piece on our solar system and reporting back on what they learned about the earth, other planets, and the sun. From there, they made slideshows presenting each celestial body with the facts they learned and images they sourced themselves!

Crafts With Humble Items

These creative girls brought paper dolls to life during their craft time. The benefits of doing simple crafts for kids include fine motor skills development, boosting cognitive skills, improved self-expression and self-esteem, problem-solving skills, and overall mental health. It’s imagination and artistry at its finest!

Go Fish!

Board and card games can help us with problem solving, decision-making, and dealing with mistakes. It also builds memory, logic, and reasoning. We had plenty of fun playing cards and board games during our problem-solving sessions.

An Honourable Mention

Excitement was in the air as the Grade 4 learners embraced their new stainless steel cutlery, upgrading from plastic. These young enthusiasts celebrated a step towards a more sustainable future. Granted, they learned how to use knives and forks a long time ago, but their proud faces have to be shared!

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