Paper Planes and Paper Towns

In this Grade 3 STEM activity, we designed our own 3D classroom using only paper. These Grade 3s were so creative with all the furniture they manufactured out of paper. STEM activities are proven to increase innovative thinking, encourage curiosity, inspire creativity and ingenuity, and foster collaboration.

Exploring Who We Are

The Grade 2s had lots of fun creating their own identity cards. We traced our hands and included our birth dates, and we used the opportunity to write some positive, affirming traits about ourselves.

Colour Me Unique

As part of the theme of Learning About Myself, the Grade 3’s learned about DNA. They combined their knowledge of DNA and coding to write their own codes for a coloured DNA bracelet or necklace. The beading also incorporated fine motor and creative skills. Bonus: We looked beautiful!

String Theory

In mathematics, the Grade 3s measured the perimeters of 2-D shapes using string!

Flashback Fun

Grade 4 girls are mastering the art of ‘tolletjie brei’. Tolletjie brei, also known as French knitting, is a fun activity for kids and works on both sides of the brain. It will improve hand and eye coordination, as well as fine motor skills, and develop focus and creativity.

Unpacking Our Futures

The Grade 0s unpacked and packed their ice cream containers today while they learn new concepts and working on their listening skills. Listening to other people speaking enables children to develop vocabulary, comprehension and language skills. These important communication skills are the building bricks of literacy and learning.

Traditional vs Digital

It was an exciting day for the Grade 4’s as they dive into their first Natural Sciences and Technology lesson, exploring the world of raw and manufactured materials with textbooks and iPads in hand. What a time to be alive!

The Great Clash

The debate kids had fun brainstorming possible debate topics. Debating is a good life skill that helps children develop confidence, learn to think on their feet, and argue their point of view. It also teaches them how to research, structure an argument, and articulate their thoughts clearly.

Learning While Upcycling

In construction, we made our own colour crayons using colour paper and toiletrolls.

‘Sew’ Much Fun With Textiles

The Grade 4 girls dove into the world of textile design and sewing on their first day, crafting material bookmarks. Sewing allows kids to enjoy the creative process, develop fine motor skills, improve their concentration, and learn how to work with their hands.

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

During PE, the Grade 2s had to move carefully through the ‘lazer beams.’ This activity was done to promote spatial awareness, to move our bodies, and to have some good old-fashioned fun while being active and getting fresh air.