Creating Future Civil Engineers

Building structures encourages children to test spatial relationships and mentally rotate objects in the mind’s eye. Here, the Grade 4’s showcase their impressive structure project creations, highlighting teamwork and problem-solving skills in action.

Some Solid Knowledge On Science

Exploring the wonders of matter in the Grade 4 class! Our hands-on jelly experiment makes learning about solids, liquids, and gases a sweet experience.

Let’s Get Messy

Tactile stimulation activities are known to support brain development, enhance memory, complex tasks, and problem solving. The Grade 3s enjoyed doing some tactile stimulation activities this week. Getting messy was a big bonus too!

Call Us Innovators

At The Kusasa Academy, we are resourceful. Here, the Grade 1s are having so much fun creating their own patterns with different objects that we found outside and in class.

Who’s Tallest of Them All?

In Grade 0, we learn all concepts concretely while having fun. We learn together, help each other, and find solutions as a team. Here, we learn about tall and short. Who is the tallest in Grade 0?

Cat-like Reflexes

Interactive learning helps make the educational process more collaborative and gives kids more chances to engage with each other in meaningful ways. These Grade 1s are showing off their knowledge of numbers. The teacher says a number, and they cover that specific number with a cup as quickly as they can.

Seek and You Shall Find

The grade 1s applied their investigation skills during an English lesson. We looked for specific words using our magnifying glasses. This is a fun way to keep the Kusasa-kids engaged with learning materials all while having fun!

Little Learning Hands

Creating opportunities to learn! Tearing paper helps children develop many essential skills, like hand strength, hand-eye coordination, precision, and refined movements. The Grade 0s were taught how to tear papers properly. There is no bigger smile than being successful at a task.

V=F, W=V?

Learning about languages strengthens the area of the brain that is responsible for memory, speech, and sensory perception. Bilingual people, like most of our Kusasa-kids, are better at retaining lists, sequences, names, and directions. They are also more creative and perceptive, and they can concentrate for longer. Here, our enthusiastic Grade 2s are exploring “v” and “w” sounds in Afrikaans class.

Mapping Out Our Futures

The Grade 4’s are learning to use maps and atlases for the first time, improving their geography skills. Who needs Google Maps?

Have Your Dough and Eat It Too

This week, the grade 2’s had a lot of fun with flavoured edible play dough. Playdough builds strength in your child’s hands. Rolling, squishing, moulding, breaking, flattening, and the rest help to develop muscles that are used for fine motor movements.

Sounds Like Fun To Us

The Grade 4s were exploring the fascinating world of sound and vibration. We are grateful for the gift of our working senses.