Working Together to Tackle Exams

Empowering our Grade 4 students and their parents with essential study skills! Thank you to our principal, Mrs. Marie-Louise Raymond, for her dedication to making learning more effective and enjoyable.

As Easy As One, Two, Three…

On Monday 15 April, we celebrated World Mathematics Day with these fun 3D models.

Safety First!

General safety information is such an important area to focus on with little ones. Here, our Pre-Primary learners made fun posters to learn and warn others about potential safety signs and hazards surrounding them.

Weekend Vibes!

Sometimes, it is more valuable to know when to unwind than it is to keep the hard work going. Here, our Grade 4s are singing and dancing to their favourite Brain Tribe song, on a warm Friday afternoon, waiting for the weekend to come along.

Brushing Up On Dental Health Knowledge

The Pre-Primary learners investigated the effects that sugar, acid, water, and tea have on their teeth’s enamel. The results were very interesting, and they realised how important it is to look after their oral health.

Funky Foods

The Pre-Primary learners delved into the world of foods these past couple of weeks. We made funky veggies and fruits, being creative while learning about nutritional foods.

While On The Topic…

The Grade 4s also had a nutritional information theme during the past few weeks. They found different types of foods in magazines, cut them out, and used them to build a pyramid of food groups.

Dream Big, Healthy Dreams

As part of our Healthy Lifestyle theme, Dr. Luthando Vazi visited the Grade 2 to 4 learners. He was a previous student of Teacher Ilze’s mother, Elza Lourens, who works at Scimathus. He came to inspire the learners to always dream big and believe in themselves because anything is possible. He also shared which subjects to study and how to become a doctor. Lastly, he shared about his current profession as a pulmonologist and his further studies towards his PhD. Dr. Vazi inspired both the teachers and the learners to always do their best!

Challenge Accepted

We love building things! We always encourage sponsorships of building blocks. Not only are they fun, but they are also a great way to boost creativity, develop fine motor skills, encourage problem solving, and increase spatial awareness and geometry.