Testing The Waters

Our Grade 4s wrote their Natural Science and Technology tests on 10 May. Science is an excellent subject to teach children ways to look for explanations and connect ideas by using inquiry and investigation methods. These include making observations, and formulating hypotheses, carrying out experiments. We wish them luck with their results!

Another Eisteddfod Victory!

It is Eisteddfod time and on 7 May, the Grade 2 to 4 learners participated in unprepared reading at the Frank Petersen Music Centre. They are all excellent readers and can be very proud of themselves.

Autumn Art

Our Grade 2 learners created beautiful autumn leaf collages for art class. The benefits of arts for kids are many and include problem-solving abilities, creativity, literacy, fine & gross motor skills, connection, and understanding.

Stimulating Our Senses

On Thursdays, our preschoolers explore various reactions and natural phenomena all while stimulating their senses.

Name That Sport

Our Grade 2 learners dive into group reading sessions while exploring the theme of sports in Afrikaans.

Debating For The Future

Teacher Chalize Schmidt’s debate girls are hard at work deliberating and forming award-winning arguments.

Embracing Technology

Recently, the preschoolers have been learning about technology through a theme called “Embracing Technology.” Watching 5-year-olds create their own cellphones for a technology-themed activity is both fascinating and inspiring! It’s amazing to see their creativity and understanding of modern devices at such a young age.

Law of Attraction

Our preschoolers are learning about the fascinating world of magnetic fields! They played around at The Kusasa Academy with their magnets, seeing what they could attract. Having fun while learning about how magnets work.