Transport Through Time

The Grade 4 learners stood together like one the day before a history test. Learners huddled up in groups all over the classroom for history trivia, chatting about what Teacher Carina spoke about and what they suspected might pop up in their test. Judging by the results of the test, teamwork made the dream work!

The Sound of Music

We delved into instrument research, exploring the emotional power of music. Collaborative group work fueled their journey, culminating in the crafting of unique recycled musical instruments. Proof that one person’s trash is indeed another person’s treasure.

Please Hold The Line

Auditory processing is the ability to interpret the sounds that one has heard. In central auditory processing, the brain must identify the incoming sounds, make an analysis of those sounds, and attach meaning to them. To practice our listening skills, we play our version of ‘Broken Telephone’ before we can enter the classroom.

A Bug’s Life

The Grade 0’s learned all about our little ecological warriors; insects and spiders! Teacher Lindie put on her creativity cap with crafts and even incorporated mathematics. Each learner had the opportunity to roll a dice and had to pack out the correct amount of dots on the ladybug. We think she hit the snail on the head with this one!

Up, Down, Left, Right

In the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, coding is a must for children in our time. Experts believe it may not only help in future careers but also build life skills. It’s an excellent way to learn soft skills like creativity, confidence, and communication. The Kusasa-kids love coding, as it rewards the input almost immediately.

Fun With Chopsticks

We practiced our fine motor skills using little more than a few shrivelled-up pieces of paper and chopsticks! Fine motor skills are very important for young children. It comprises the ability to make movements using the small muscles in our hands and wrists. We rely on these skills to do key tasks in school, at work, and in everyday life.

Learning About Religions

The Grade 4’s conducted research on various religions and presented their findings by making Keynote presentations on the iPads. And as the photo captions in the background say, It’s cool to be kind!

Tipping Point

Others might see recyclable items, but the Grade 1’s see a scale! We made scales ourselves to compare the weight of different objects.

Colour Me Smart

Visual discrimination is the ability to recognise similarities and differences between shapes, sizes, colours, objects, and patterns. It is especially important for pre-writing and reading skills. In the Grade R class, we believe in the “no worksheet” philosophy. We play and learn through concrete activities!

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